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TRT Injection

Typically, after the age of 30, males see a slow decline in their production of testosterone. On average, your body reduced testosterone production by 1% each year. You may want to consider testosterone replacement therapy injections, or TRT, to help supplement the naturally declining levels of testosterone.

Why Consider a TRT Injection

Testosterone is the critical foundation for your muscle mass and bones, hair growth, body development, sex drive, mood, as well as verbal memory and thinking ability.

There are a dozen symptoms of low testosterone. The most common are: a low sex drive, ED, depression, fatigue, loss of strength, loss of hair, and increased body fat. You may want to consider using testosterone replacement therapy to reverse the symptoms of low testosterone.

Let’s look at some changes you can expect when you supplement TRT.

What are the benefits of TRT Injections?

Healthy heart and blood

The number one benefit is a healthy heart that pumps oxygen rich blood to the rest of the body which is needed for peek performance. Studies have shown once testosterone levels are back to normal levels, the chances of a heart attack or stroke are reduced by 24% and 36% respectively.

TRT Injection for Increased Muscle

Another benefit of TRT injections is an increase in muscle mass. There has been countless research papers linking low testosterone to a decrease muscle mass which results in men experiencing reduced strength and endurance.

Improved Mood

Anger, nervousness, and irritability were among some mood disturbances caused by low testosterone levels. This is a silent problem that many men with low testosterone levels experience. Testosterone injections assist in stabilizing your mood.

Better Cognitive Function

Supplementing TRT has been associated with a sharper brain as low testosterone can make your brain feel fuzzy and disorganized. Plummeting testosterone results in cognitive decline, while TRT injections can assist in its reversal.

How much do TRT injections cost?

The costs for TRT injections vary by the individuals needs and brand they choose. Estimates for an average user are between $50 to $100 per month plus any additional items such as needles, syrynges, and sanitizing equipment.

Injectible TRT is the most common and inexpensive form of the supplement. Users can receive a short-acting or long-acting dose, depending on preference. Shots can be administered every 1-2 week, 4 weeks, or as long as every 10 weeks.

TRT vs Testosterone Boosters

Majority of testosterone boosters are over the counter supplements that could potentially boost your natural testosterone. These boosters are usually advertised as a natural alternative. Their efficiency is always up for debate. The idea behind the boosters is that they provide your body with all of the supplements that allow it to create the testosterone naturally. By contrast TRT injections are proven and used by doctors to aid in the replacement of testosterone levels. TRT patients often see a difference almost immediately after the start of treatment.

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