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TRT Oral Pills

Men whose bodies are unable to produce enough natural testosterone are often prescribed testosterone replacement therapy to supplement the deficiency. TRT is an approved treatment to treat the “Low-T” condition where the male body is unable to produce enough of the hormone.

Testosterone products such as injections, pills, patches, gels and creams are used to assist with fatigue, low sex drive, ED, muscle mass, and bone density.

Once the therapy starts, the patient will often undergo the lifelong process.

Why use TRT Pills?

Ironically, both high and low levels of testosterone will significantly effect a man’s physical and mental health. Testosterone treatments allow men to address medical issues like Low-T or ED, and in some cases to enhance their physical performance.

After the age of 30, testosterone levels drop, on average, by 1% per year. Psychological symptoms, lack of mass, and other health issues are observed in older men with testosterone deficiency.

Today, aging men widely use TRT to combat low testosterone symptoms.

TRT Pills for Physical Performance

Using TRT oral pills has been a popular method to increase muscle mass and performance among athletes and bodybuilders. The oral pills aid in recovery time as well as significantly increasing strength and body mass.

“Testosterone can help increase muscle mass in a much faster fashion. Athletes who use anabolic steroids may find that they’re able to increase their endurance and their strength by doing the same amount of training as they would otherwise,” Dr. Anthony Yin, an endocrinologist at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, told SF Gate.

Does therapy Promote Youth Vitality?

Aging is is characterized by testosterone deficiency due to decreasing testosterone levels. A mojority of testoterone users are aged between 40-64. Using oral TRT allows older men to reduce the effects of sexual dysfunction, reduced muscle mass, increased fat, and ED.

Although some men report feeling younger and more vigorous, it is unclear whether TRT would benefit healthy men.

Other Benefits of TRT Pills

Symptoms of low testosterne are not only physical, but can be present emotionally. Using TRT oral pills can reduce fatigue, irritability, depression, anxiety, frustration, low-self esteem, and lack of motivation.

TRT has been found to assist individuals with sleep apnea and lack of sleep. One of the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy is that it can help balance sleep cycles and the body’s circadian rhythm, often resulting in much better sleeping patterns.

These symptoms are very common in low testosterone individuals.

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